Canvas Printing

Just as the name suggests, Canvas printing is basically the art of printing images onto a canvas. They are intended to produce the same images the canvas paintings. They can be made with adventurous landscape images or customized personal images. These prints can also be included with calendars and also note books. They can be stretched or wrapped as they get delivered.

These prints are very suitable for wall and interior decorations, they are used to kill the emptiness of the wall and create an illusion of space reduction in a room not to mention the beautifying aspect they bring to the room. They can also be used as gifts to friends, family and clients as they appear classy and detailed. Using the collage canvas one can be used create and tell a story. They can be used to preserve someone’s special occasion images by framing them such as wedding pictures.

This method of printing has become really popular as it is easy to create and also cheap as compares to initial canvas painting. It requires readily available materials to make; brush, canvas, podge and frames and can easily be done at home as a recreational activity. Here is how to make the less complicated ones; place the photo on the canvas stacked with glue, trim off the edges and pin it on a wooden frame, using the brush paint the edges black.

For large and commercial images there is a modern large printer that can easily print images of up to 1.5m or more. Printers such as inkjet-based printers allow the artist to print the images directly on the canvas and due to their special setting that enable an easy and high quality prints that retains most of the initial details of the image. The canvas used should be made with very light material to ensure that they do not stretch when done.

When making the print there are basic things that should be considered to ensure that the printing comes out as intended; a pure white canvas, this ensures that all the colors reflect and all the shadings and border lines are visible. The colors should be of the same shade as in the original photo as with canvas prints all the initial details should be maintained.

In order to achieve the best canvas prints here are some tips that should be considered; choose the image with outmost care, carefully position the image making sure that the image is well centralized and main features are visible, one should be decided on the shape and size of print if its rectangular, square or even long rectangular shapes also one should really keen with the order lines.

These prints should be well stored as canvas tends to shrink and stretch under certain conditions, such exposure to heat and direct sunlight and also when exposed to moisture conditions. And hence should always be stored in a cool and dry area.

Canvas printing as opposed to painting is so easy to make and do not require special skills and talents to achieve. They are also relatively cheaper and since there are a lot of artists that make them one can be able to look around and find the best prices, and they are readily available.